Mike Quick
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
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What people are saying

"Mike Quick has some fascinating tales to tell and does so with engaging songs on House of Dreams."

"Throughout, Quick's ability to paint a vivid musical storyboard in a five- minute frame is impressive."

-Frank Kocher, The San Diego Troubadour, excerpts from CD Reviews (December, 2014) (link)

"Mike Quick struts with an easy Americana stride."

-Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root Magazine, July 7, 2012

"Mike Quick follows a tradition of storytelling folk singer-songwriters springing out of the Midwest, in the footsteps of John Prine, Tom Paxton, and the late Steve Goodman ... The music throughout is a subdued canvas of tastefully picked acoustic guitars, piano and organ, light percussion, and excellent background vocals that complement Quick's worn and weathered, but comfortable, singing. The production and mixing by Michael Jerling is first rate ... Quick seems to share (Gordon) Lightfoot's ability to smoothly move from the soft folk idiom into more country-rock, blues, and gospel forms, both as a writer and singer."

-Frank Kocher, The San Diego Troubadour, excerpted from Of Note: CD Reviews (April 10,2010) (link to PDF/See page 17 of 20)

"Quick¹s songs delve into unique, personalized situations set against big issues such as the death of the family farm, Fats Domino and Hurricane Katrina, old time religion, racism and the magnificence of nature. Like the best folk music today, it sounds fresh and contemporary, yet grounded in the depths of a rich tradition."

-Michael Bonesteel, Pioneer Press Newspapers, excerpted from What the World Needs (PDF)

"Mike Quick, a longtime fan of Steve Goodman flew into Saratoga Springs, NY to perform at an event for my Goodman biography at the legendary Caffè Lena.

Mike's voice moved the audience to pin-drop silence. His gifts of music and time were exceeded only by his gift of spirit.

Thanks again Mike."

-Clay Eals, author of Steve Goodman: Facing The Music

"Congratulations on a fine CD. I warmed to this one right away with its great mix of melodies, inciteful lyrics and a smokey voice that makes every song come alive. Superior production from Michael Jerling and an understated yet professional ensemble of supporting musicians. Great job Mike Quick -- this one's a keeper."

-Steve Clarke, Acoustic Planet, Erin Radio, CHES 101.5 FM

"So many great songs on so many themes, great writing, great arrangements."

-Jim Rogers, Modern Troubadours * FolkTime!, WIUP-FM Radio

"Mike Quick might just be the musical equivalent of a Powerade, eclectic, fun, crazy-good music harkening back to a simpler time."

-Ian Jacoby, Volume One Magazine