Mike Quick
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist


"Great songs, instru-
mentation, and arrangements — a real winner!"

-Lilli Kuzma
Folk DJ Host
"Folk Festival" 90.9 FM WDCB Public Radio
Glen Ellyn/Chicago IL

Mike's Music

Mike Quick - House of Dreams

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House of Dreams

Sound bites (MP3s)

  1. Short On Time
  2. Snake Oil & Sin
  3. The Day That Jesus Comes Home From The Sea
  4. House Of Dreams
  5. The King Of Rock & Roll
  6. Fool's Gold
  7. Little Buddha Knows
  8. Barbed Wire Rose
  9. Johnny & The Hurricanes
  10. Wheels That Roll
  11. Playing Big Jim's Blues
  12. Unconditional Friend
  13. Tell The Native Sons

All songs, words and music, written by Mike Quick. ©2013 BMI


Mike Quick: vocals and guitars
Michael Jerling: guitars, mandolin, keyboards, harmonica
Tony Markellis: basses, cello
Danny Whelchel: drums, congas, percussion
Michael Vlahakis: organ, piano
David West: electric guitars, mandolin, banjo
Randy Sabien: violin
Teresina Huxtable: reed organ, keyboards
Robert "One Man" Johnson: National steel guitar
Tom Wieseler: organ
Tiit Raid: windchimes


Yata, Michael Jerling, Dale Haskell, Bob Warren, Joy McKenzie, Dixie Duffey

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Mike Quick - Rain
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Sound bites (streamed Real)

  1. Rain
  2. Penny Arcade
  3. Travis Calfmilk's Left Arm
  4. Get Right With Your Church
  5. House Full Of Friends
  6. Fats Domino Is Missing
  7. Get Me To Nirvana On Time
  8. Take Me To Juarez
  9. Honey To My Soul
  10. Vampires
  11. The Oak

Words and music by Michael Charles Quick, except Take Me To Juarez, by Michael Jerling, and Fats Domino Is Missing, by Mike Quick and Michael Jerling. ©2008 BMI


Tony Markellis, bass
Chris Carey, drums
Mike Vlahakis, piano and organ
John Pisa, fiddle
Danny Whelchel, congas
Teresina Huxtable, accordion
Howard "Guitar" Luedtke, electric slide guitar
Dave Sokol, tuba
Michael Jerling, guitars, mandolin, percussion, vocals
and Yata, John Lynch, and B. Squat Woody, vocals

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Just Another Pretty Face, Mike Quick and The Mighty Bullfrogs
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Just Another Pretty Face
Mike Quick and The Mighty Bullfrogs

Sound bites (streamed Real)

  1. Sleepers Join Hands
  2. Smoke And Mirrors
  3. River of Tears
  4. Rain
  5. Good Hearted Lovers
  6. Another Highball Queen
  7. Fool's Gold
  8. The King of Rock and Roll
  9. Zombie Jamboree
  10. The Tibetan Side of Town

Singer/songwriter Mike Quick's first cd release with the band The Mighty Bullfrogs includes seven of his original songs as well as other material. From blues to ballads. Eclectic electric tunes with guitars, bass, drums, and keyboards.

Mike's Studebaker truck

Mike Quick - Down Bullfrog Road
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Down Bullfrog Road

Sound bites (streamed Real)

  1. Big Hair
  2. Lipstick Lies
  3. Iron Horses
  4. Stranger In This Land
  5. My Father's Shoes
  6. No Peas, No Rice, No Coconut Oil
  7. Chickadee
  8. Put It On The Plastic
  9. Great Flood
  10. Candy Man
  11. If You Love Her Let Her Go
  12. Candy Man Reprise

Words and music by Michael Charles Quick. ©2004 BMI

Musicians: Mike Quick, Michael Jerling, Tony Markellis, Dave “Kappy” Kappus, Tom Wieseler, Tiit Raid, Billy Krause, John Bucholz, Dixie Duffey, Teresina Huxtable,
Tim Keilholtz, Howard “Guitar” Luedtke, Randy Sabien, Danny Whelchel, John Lynch, and Chuck Roll

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